Hearing and Troubleshooting Guide
PROBLEM: No sound or low volume
            Possible Causes                                    Solutions
            Low or dead battery                                   Check battery and replace if necessary
            Battery polarity reversed                             Make sure battery is inserted correctly
            Hearing aid turned off                                 Turn volume control up and/or switch to "M" on BTE's
            Low volume                                               Rotate volume control up
            Canal sound outlet blocked with wax           Carefully remove wax with cleaning tool
Earmold tube blocked with moisture            Remove earmold from aid and blow air through tube,
    reattach earmold
            Microphone blocked or dirty                        Remove wax and debris from microphone with cleaning tool
            Earmold tube is crimped                             Uncrimp or replace tube
            Component problems                                 Contact hearing professional for repair
            Moisture collected in aid                             Allow to dry 2-3 hours or place in Dri-Aid over night
PROBLEM: Feedback (whistling)
            Possible Causes                                       Solutions
            Ear canal blocked with wax                         Check ear canal and determine necessity of removal
Earmold not seated properly                        Check earmold position. Try reinserting/repositioning the                   instrument until it fits securely
            Earmold too small                                      New earmold needed. Consult with hearing professional
            Volume too high                                         Turn volume down slightly
            Break in tubing or earhook                           Contact hearing professional for repair
            Earmold/hearing aid fit loosely                     Contact hearing professional
PROBLEM: Buzzing sound
            Possible Causes                                         Solutions
            Low battery                                                 Check/replace battery
            Switch set to "T"                                          Move switch to "M" position
Other problems, such as intermittency, static noise, etc., may be due to factors such as internal damage, battery contacts, or a plugged microphone. If you have reviewed all of the above and are still having problems, you may contact Professional Hearing Services at 800-735-5866 for further help.