“My daughter received a hearing aid at the Williston office at PHS.  Ed Malazdrewicz was her audiologist.  I would recommend anybody that needs a hearing aid to come see him.  He’s so friendly and caring.  He explained everything to us of how the hearing aid worked.  At first when I found out Alyssa needed a hearing aid, I was devastated she’s only 11 years old, but when we went in to see him for the first time.  He made us feel at ease about it, we also found out we could get really cool looking ones in different colors.  My daughter was so excited!  She loves her new hearing aid!  Thank you so much for this wonderful experience! 
Sincerely, Katrina Ellvanger”

"Dr. Ed did an excellent job of explaining and demonstrating the use of my hearing aids and introduced me to the Icom cell phone system and it has changed my life, one does not realize how much you miss out on when you gradually lose your hearing.  This equipment has made everyone in my family happier, not having to repeat themselves and not having the TV at a roaring volume, my 4 year old used to get disgusted with me when I asked him to repeat something several times, I thought he didn't talk clearly, now I know better.  I would reccomend this equipment and the excellent service of PHS to any one who is audibly challenged." 
Jerry Kram

"Always Friendly.  Had molds made.  Fit excellent.  Had tests and Aid set.  Excellent.  Very Helpful & recommend to everyone."  Warren Bilquist

“I have been a patient of Professional Hearing Services for 20+ years and have always been completely satisfied.  Their products are top of the line and their staff is excellent.  They definitely aim to please.”  Gladys Larson 

"All was great from start to finish"
"You are treated more like family than a patient"
"Have referred 2 couples & both have bought"
Ed Bjork

I have found Professional Hearing Services to be nothing short of the best!  Service has been great.  Staff is very friendly, swift, knowledgeable.  I have been a patient for over 20 yrs. And it’s been a pleasant experience.  My recommendation to anyone with a hearing loss comes highly.  My congratulations goes to a wonderful staff in their new location!  Ken Frederick

Professional Hearing Services established their business in the early 1980’s, and I have been a patient since their inception.  Their attention and service has always been focused on the needs of the patient and not on how much can be charged for the services.  They go out of their way to satisfy every need of the patient in an exceptionally prompt manner, and in my opinion often go way beyond what is expected or needed to ensure they have solved the issue and that you are more than satisfied with the result.  The devices they recommend are the latest technology and are designed to address the specific needs of each patient.  Should you find that an adjustment is needed, they very quickly make arrangements to accommodate you. They want you to hear as near to normal as is possible.  I am a musician and as such, have critical listening needs.  Professional Hearing Services very readily gives of their time and energy to assure that my needs are being met, not only with the appropriate hearing devices, but with the proper adjustments to those devices.

Every employee is always cheerful and willing to serve you, the patient.  They treat you as if you are their only patient.  They listen very attentively and consult whomever is necessary in order to resolve your issue.  Because of their attention, their personalities and their service, I have referred several people to them over the years.  To the best of my knowledge, the people that I have referred are all still satisfied patients.  It is without any reservations that I very readily and sincerely recommend Professional Hearing Services for all of your hearing needs.”   
Robert Briggs

“The Professional Hearing Service has been my help for years.  The staff is the best.  It starts when calling for an appointment.  The receptionist is polite and gives you the time and date available at your convenience.  The audiologists are very helpful.  They don’t try to make you take the most expensive aids available, but show you what you can manage and do the most good to correct your hearing loss.  The doctors explain the hearing aids when you receive them so you understand how to manage them. You are given 60 days to evaluate your aids so that you know if it is what you want.  They cheerfully adjust them as needed.  I have visual impairments also, so, for me, being able to hear is a very important sense.  I thank the entire staff for making my life easier just by doing so much.”    Dorothy McCrory


I am very pleased with my Phonak hearing aides.  I had no trouble from the very beginning.  I did go back once and had them adjusted for more volume.  The staff at Professional is very accomodating  and pleasant to work with.  I feel Phonak is the best on the market and highly recommend your product when the topic comes up. 
Doris Sperling