Hearing Aid Styles
What style/size is right for you?That depends on many factors, including the severity of your hearing loss, lifestyle, and cosmetic issues. Your audiologist will help you choose what is best for you.

The five basic styles are:

BTE (Behind the ear): Hearing aid components are in a small case that fits over the ear.  The case is connected to a clear tubing on a custom-made earmold that fits in the ear canal.  BTEs  offer special  programming and power features.  

OPEN: An open mold is available on some models and is appropriate for certain hearing losses.


ITE (In the ear): These are custom-made hearing aids with a shell that fits securely in the outer ear.  They are easier to position and adjust.  These hearing aids feature a wide choice of options such as volume controls, telephone coils,  program buttons and directional microphones.   

ITC (In the canal): These are small enough to fit almost 
entirely in your ear canal, but not as deeply as the CIC.  They are small, cosmetically appealing, custom-made hearing aids that benefit patients with a wide range of hearing losses.  Some additional features are available based on size.

CIC (Completely in the canal): They have enough power for mild to moderate hearing losses.  This size may not be appropriate for those with very small ear canals, severe hearing loss, poor vision, or reduced manual dexterity.  Often features are limited on this style due to size constraints.  They fit deep inside your ear canal. They tend to require more frequent battery changing and cost more than  the larger models.

LYRIC (Extended Wear):  100% invisible, 24/7 wearable, shower-proof, for-months-at-a-time hearing device.  
(PHS is the only Lyric provider in Northwest North Dakota!)