Self Test

Hearing loss is easily recognizable. Take this simple test and find out if you may have a hearing loss.


  • I usually turn up the TV or radio too loud for others.
  • I often ask people to repeat themselves.
  • I avoid noisy places or parties.
  • I feel that I can hear better in one ear or the other.
  • I often misunderstand what I've "heard".
  • I miss some sounds coming from behind me.
  • I feel that the speech of others seems to be slurred.
  • I think people mumble.
  • I have trouble understanding voices coming from another room.
  • I get accused of not paying attention.
  • I have trouble understanding people sitting behind me in a car.
  • I hear a ringing or buzzing sound in my ears.
  • I sometimes miss a phone ringing.
  • I have the feeling that my hearing is bad.


If you answered "YES" to three or more questions, you have a potential hearing problem, one that relatives, friends or co-workers have probably already noticed.

For an accurate diagnosis of your hearing - and to help rule out more significant health issues associated with hearing loss - have your hearing tested by a PHS hearing professional. It's always best to find out what's going on and get information regarding your options.