Hearing Aid Repairs

Professional Hearing Services provides fast repair of all hearing aids. Many minor hearing aid problems can be taken care of in the Minot office. A computerized analyzer can check the function and performance of the hearing aid's circuit to determine if it needs manufacturer repair.

All hearing aids require general maintenance. A thorough cleaning of your hearing aid to remove wax and debris from the microphone and receiver ports can be done in a matter of minutes with our specialized equipment. 

Repairs are generally available through the manufacturer if out of warranty for hearing aids 10 years old or newer.  Aids 0-5 years old offer either a 6 or 12 month repair warranty.  Aids over 5 years old generally offer a 6 month repair warranty.  Some aids can be sent in for a repair cost estimate.

Select Care Warranty Program


Select Care Extended Warranty takes the worry out of paying for hearing aid repairs and service after your manufacturer's warranty has expired! It's easy - one annual fee covers all hearing aid repairs, your annual comprehensive hearing and hearing aid checkup, plus any necessary hearing aid adjustments and cleanings for the one year service period. Extending your manufacturer warranty is optional, but for many, it's an excellent choice as hearing aid repair charges range from $120 - $310. Select Care Extended Warranty will not only save you money on repair costs, it will also save you money on cleanings, checkups and adjustments (estimated value of up to $560).

Select Care Prices (annual fee for each hearing aid)

  • All hearing aid styles and levels of technology can be warrantied for one year at a cost of $125.00 per hearing aid. 

Situations NOT covered under Select Care include: 

Loss or damage caused by negligence or misuse.
Recasing or reshelling of the instrument(s). 
Earmold replacement.