At Professional Hearing Services, we work with many different hearing aid manufacturers to bring you the best technology at the best prices.  There is a wide variety of technology available today to suit your individual hearing needs and budget.

 Our 60 day trial program allows you to try hearing aids and if you are not satisfied you can return them for a refund of your purchase price minus a fee for earmolds, fitting and testing (unless paid by insurance). 

How a hearing aid helps you hear

A hearing aid is an electronic device that receives sound, amplifies it, and transmits this stronger sound down the ear canal into the ear.  Sound may reach the inner ear without a hearing aid; however without amplification, the impulses reaching the brain may be weak and distorted.  With a hearing aid, sound is amplified to make the weak signals more audible.


The microphone picks up sound and sends it to the amplifier. 
The amplifier in the aid makes the sound louder and helps correct distortion.
The receiver inside the aid sends the amplified sound into the ear canal.
The volume control adjusts loudness.
The battery supplies the power.  

*directional microphones shown on this model