Tips on Communicating with Hearing Impaired People
1.       Maintain an approximate distance of 3-5 feet when speaking
2.       Gain his/her attention before speaking
3.       Look and speak directly at the person, favoring the ear with the hearing aid, if they   have one
4.      Speak with normal loudness and tone. (Shouting or talking loudly only makes things more distorted.)
5.       Position them near the front or near the person speaking in group activities
6.     Turn off competing noises such as the TV or radio for more effective communication.
Do not expect the hearing aid user to hear and understand everything you say!

Keep in mind that the person will have more difficulty if you have suddenly changed the topic of your conversation or if you have directed your speech at another listener.
Success of communication will be affected by various factors such as volume setting, location of the speaker, background noise, and acoustics of the environment.
REMEMBER: A hearing aid is only an aid. It can allow you to hear and understand speech better in most situations; however, it cannot restore normal hearing or the ability to hear a complete range of sound. It can make life more pleasant for you and those around you, even if it only partially restores your hearing. Success with amplification is different for everyone and not all people can be helped with a hearing aid.