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Professional Hearing Services DISCOUNT Battery Club 

Why drive all over town and pay full price for batteries when you can have them mailed directly to you, PLUS save $1.00 per package?! With our Discount Battery Club, you pay $39.50 for 10 packages of batteries (regular price is $4.95 per package), we'll mail them to you and we'll pay the postage! You don't have to worry about getting the correct size of battery - we know what size your hearing aid uses. Just make one call to our local or toll-free number, and we'll put your batteries in the mail to you the same day. We keep track of how much you've paid, how many batteries you've used, and how many packages you have left. And our batteries are guaranteed fresh - we receive new batteries monthly from the manufacturer.

To enroll, simply call or stop by:
Offices in Minot, Williston, and Bismarck
Monthly service centers in:
Crosby, Garrison, Harvey, Rugby and Stanley

Tips for caring for your batteries

The tab on your zinc air battery should only be   removed when you are ready to use it.  While in place, the tab keeps the battery from utilizing the outside oxygen as a source of power.  In this way, you are assured maximum battery freshness.  However, replacing the tab will not lengthen battery life.
Always store batteries at room temperature to retain power.  Avoid storing batteries in hot areas because it drains their power. Refrigeration is unnecessary.
Once the battery is inserted into your hearing aid, prevent moisture build-up by opening the battery compartment each night.  This ventilates the area around the battery, allowing the battery to perform to its maximum potential.
Keep track of how long your batteries are lasting by putting the tab on your calendar when you remove the tab to use it.  If you notice decreased battery life, have your hearing aid checked.

Battery testers are an inexpensive way to check your battery life. If you've ever wondered if your hearing aid is malfunctioning or if it's the battery, you'll find the answer quickly and easily with one of our Battery Testers.  Only $8.95 plus tax.  No more throwing away perfectly good batteries.
Dri-Aid kits act as dehumidifiers to help you keep your hearing aids dry, guarding against humidity and perspiration.  By putting your aids in the Dri-Aid air-tight container overnight, you are helping to extend the life of your hearing aids. Simple, easy and inexpensive at only $8.95, $9.95 or $14.95 depending on the size you need.