Assistive Listening Devices
People with hearing loss can enjoy greater perception of sounds with less effort when utilizing an assistive listening system. 

Alerting Devices

These devices can assist in notifying the person that a sound is occurring by utilizing other senses, such as vision or tactile.

Television Amplification and Aids

Many people have difficulty hearing the television or on the telephone at a level that is comfortable for other persons in the house.  There are systems available that allow the hard of hearing person to have their own volume for the TV. 

Telephone Amplification and Aids

There are also telephones that have amplified rings as well as amplified speech. There are even text telephones and speakerphones.

One to One Amplification

If you are visiting with someone who is hard to hear, then a personal listening system may be for you.  These include a microphone and headset or use of a telecoil in the hearing aid.  The spoken message is delivered right to your ear above the background noise.