How to Care for Hearing Aids During Winter

Protect your hearing aids from damage this winter with preventative measures, follow a few simple tips to get you through the next few chilly months!

1. Cover Up!
This is your first level of protection. Scarves, earmuffs, or hats all work in shielding your hearing aids from harsh weather conditions. Whether it be rain, sleet or snow the best way to protect your hearing aids from winter weather is to cover them up.

2. Be Aware of Moisture
Winter brings colder temperatures, but it is the increased exposure to moisture that carries the greatest threat to your hearing aids. Moisture is your hearing aid’s worst enemy. Not only may your hearing aids be exposed to fog, rain and snow, but there is also the risk of damage from condensation. When you come back inside from the cold the quick temperature change may create moisture within your hearing aids. The same risk happens when you are bundled up outside and start doing physical activity–the movement may create sweat and cause damage. The greatest way to protect against winter moisture damage is to stay on top of your preventative tactics. If you know you will be in rain or snow bring coverage, if you will be doing physical activity outside bring coverage that breathes or wear a sweatband, and get a hearing aid dehumidifier in order to keep hearing aids dried out throughout the season.

Signs of moisture damage:
• Your hearing aid goes in and out.
• With sound comes static.
• Sounds may be unclear or warped.

3. Protect Your Batteries
as You Would Your Hearing Aids

Batteries are just as susceptible to damage from winter as hearing aids are. Everything that you want to protect your hearing aids from you also want to apply to your batteries. In fact, if your hearing aids are acting up check your batteries first, before taking other steps to diagnosing a potential problem. Keep your batteries out of especially high or low temperatures and keep them dry!

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